SBC 6: Game 2

Hi everyone,

This is the first blog I have visited for the Student Blog Challenge: Week 6 and I have visited Erin’s blog. The one thing I really liked was the post about Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I really like the Percy Jackson books and that is why I left a quality comment on her blog. I thought that she had put her utmost effort into explaining this book. This post can clearly tell me that she is really into Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. She also referenced her photo which is really good. Here is the link to my comment about her post:

My second blog that I visited was Zelda’s Blog. She did a post called ‘Does Gaia really exist…or not?’ This post caught my eye because, seeing I have read the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books, I want to know if Gaia really does exist. As the post said, I really don’t think there is any way of knowing because Gaia could be making the tsunamis and earthquakes or the Earth could’ve been evolved by itself, like what James Lovelock said. Here is the link to my comment about her post:

Does Gaia really exist…or not?

My third blog that I have visited was Amelia’s Blog. I came across her blog through the Flipbook and I really liked the post about the places you should go to. I do have a busy schedule up ahead with holidays but those suggestions that Amelia had made was really a great eye-opener. I wish I could go to those places, but I will try my best to go someday. Here is the link to comment about her post:

Places you should go when you’re in the U.S.A

Hope you liked it!

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SBC 6: Game 1

Hi everyone,

I have visited Connel’s Blog and my attention was drawn to his post on cooking sugar sour cream cookies. It did sound weird to me at first, but when I read his post, it changed my mind. The post was well described and I loved the part where he said ‘it melts in your mouth’. That one line made me change my mind about the sugar sour cream cookies. Here is a link to my comment about his cooking post:


My second blog that I visited was Julia’s Blog. I left a comment about her post about her achievement getting into the Battle of the Bots. It was surprising to me because in class we are programming a humanoid robot called Thomas. I also want to know how she went  with it. Here is the link to my comment to her post:

Battle of the Bots

My third blog that I have visited is Thanumi’s blog. The thing that really was an eye-opener in her blog was the post on Sri Lanka. Because I come from India, it was really interesting it know something about Sri Lanka because it is really close to India. My favourite part about her post was the paragraph about the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’. That was a great paragraph. She also put in her own thoughts which made the post really good. Here is the link to my post:

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My Favourite Books

Hi guys,

I have listed all of my favourite books or series below. Your job is to unjamble the letters to reveal the main characters of the book or books. Comment your answers on this post. I will post back if you got these correct.

Note: if there are two jambled words on one line, they will be the first and last name of the main characters and all of them might not be listed

Hunger Games




Harry Potter











Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus










I hope you like my post. It is fun and interactive. If you can, comment of what you thought about it.

Thank You




Do you disagree or agree on animal abuse? Week 5


Do you Disagree or Agree on Animal Abuse?

Animals are wonderful creatures. I think they’re just humans crawling on four legs. Animals have feeling just like humans and people don’t take children from their parents then they shouldn’t take an innocent cub away from its mother. It hurts them. Also if animals travel from all over the world just so people can show off and make money then that’s wrong. They could die out on sea or get plane sick.

Some people who keep animals in cages can sometimes hurt them. There is a place in Australia that is called the RSPCA. It stands for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The RSPCA takes care of some many animals and different breed as well. They have 100 employees that work at the RSPCA and treat 50, 000 reports on different animals.

You also may think that zookeepers don’t abuse animals, but they do. You should feel sorry because you see animals in cages and they are trying to look for a way out, especially when they have just come. They are forced to do tricks for show and they don’t have to do trick for people if they don’t want to.

If animals are kept in cages in zoos or in any other places, kids can’t get a taste of how animals are living out in the wild. It won’t extend children’s knowledge about animals and their habitat. Animals deserve to be free just like the people of Australia.

By Trishna

Student Blog Challenge Task 4

I did a comment for a post in the Beech Class blog which I was invited to by my mentor from England. I commented about a book review that that class had to do. Obviously I did for a fantasy book called The Hunger Games which I’m a fan of. The author of that post was a person called KMA (called by his initials). I also added the links to my blog and the class blog. Here is my comment:

My name is Trishna and I’m 11 years old. I am doing Student Blog Challenge task 4 and I came across this post and was very intrigued. I really value how much effort you put into this book review. I was immediately drawn to this post because of the title. You must know how much I love the Hunger Games. I also really like how you wrote about the Hunger Games and how it works. Unfortunately in our class blog, we don’t have anything to do with book reviews. Wish we did. Come check out our class blog and mine. Hope you like it.

My blog URL:

Class Blog URL:

From Trishna

The Deathly Hallows


The Deathly Hallows

The ancient days are long gone

Which masses of attention has been drawn

When it comes to history, I am the wise guy

But the Deathly Hallows caught my eye.

Some say it is the elder wand

and Albus Dumbledore keeping a strong bond

I say it has something to do with Voldemort

and that he should go to a criminal court

The big battle Hogwarts is facing has finally sprung

Harry Potter took a deep breath filling his lungs

Ready for a fight against his arch nemesis

Not too scared to scared to fly off on a pegasus

All of Voldemort’s followers disappeared into the night

And died off by god’s blink of bright light

People have been interested in ancient history

Especially the Deathly Hallows magical mystery

By Trishna Ramkumar

Activity 3 in the Student Blog Challenge


The Haunted Halloween Nightmare

The night of Halloween had arrived. I was as excited as someone who was jumping around like a maniac. Kate, my best friend was over and she wasn’t dressed for trick or treat. She was hurriedly dressing up like a sparrow trying to fly. The last time I went trick or treating with Kate, I can say that Kate is literally a cat that is scared of water. Kate and I had left the house and was walking down Wellington Street. I looked around me and saw a weary dog with red eyes walking along the road. I gasped. Suddenly, the dog made an ear-piercing cracked howl that sounded like that sounded like a girl with a soar throat. Kate and I jerked our heads towards the dog. We ran to our hearts content. “We nearly died,” said Kate, panting.

“I know, but look…,” I exclaimed with a scared look. Suddenly, bright lights from a house turned on, the door creaked open and a witch walked out and snarled like she was an angry tiger. “Look behind you,” snarled the witch. Suddenly, arrows were shot to our head. I woke with a start. Oh, it was a dream, I thought.

Using Images on my Blog


When doing this activity (using images on my blog), it helped me to make my posts more effective by adding images. I had some help with a friend. Her advice was really helpful. I learnt to persist when doing activities on my blog. I always got frustrated when I didn’t do something correct on my blog but now I know that being frustrated will not help me in the future, but to persist. I chose this image because it not only reflects on my future career being an author and my likes towards books, but also how the more you read, the more you will extend you imagination and your story writing will improve as well.

My New Widget: My Virtual Pet

I chose this widget because it first of all reflects on my cultural Indian history. I also reflects on my pet puppy who is 6 months old and is named Arjun. He is a Hungarian Vizsla. Arjun is the name of an ancient Indian archer warrior. This name Arjun reflects on me dog because back in the olden days, Hungarian Vizslas were known for hunting. It helped get food for villagers. The Hungarian Vizsla originated in Hungary.